KDM Malaysia Idol singing competition in Kudat

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KDM Malaysia Idol singing competition in Kudat

KOTA KINABALU: Fabulous cash prizes will be up for grabs at the KDM Malaysia Idol singing competition to be held at the Malaysia Day Cultural Festival in Kudat on September 8 to 9.

KDM Malaysia Beliawanis chief Bibi Zairah said aside from the lucrative cash prizes and trophies for winners, KDM Malaysia is also offering the top five contestants a joint-venture recording contract with Ampal Productions.

Among the cash prizes on offer is a RM5,000 champion’s purse and RM3,000 for the runner-up. Third place winner will receive RM2,000, while fourth and fifth place contestants will walk away with RM500 each.

“For eligibility, participants must be Malaysian, 18 and above, and of Kadazan Dusun Murut ethnicity

“However, the contest is only open to those who have not yet won a national-level competition and who have not recorded an album,” said Bibi.

She said the selection of candidates would be conducted either via district heats or where there is a KDM Malaysia branch, while open selections would be held in Kudat.

“KDM Malaysia branch offices will be in charge of the selection of at least two candidates from their respective districts.

“The selections at district level must be concluded by August 24, which is the closing date,” said Bibi.

She expects some 30 candidates to join the competition based on the number of KDM Malaysia branches in the state.

“All together we may see around 40 participants, this is including some candidates from the open selections in Kudat on September 8.

“From the 40 contestants, only five will make it to the finals on September 9,” said Bibi.

Contestants must present two songs (one in Kadazan Dusun Murut and another of their own selection) during the finals, and only one song (Kadazan Dusun Murut) before that.

“They must bring their own ‘minus one’ or compact disc,” she said.

The KDM Malaysia Idol is among the various programmes at the Malaysia Day Cultural Festival which is expected to be graced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Other activities include the Sumandak Tolumis Kinabalu (pageant contest), traditional sports tournament, colouring contest for children and performances by local artists (Stacy, Jimmy Palikat, George Lian and Abu Bakar Ellah).

There will also be fabulous lucky draw prizes to be won, including a brand new car, 20 motorcycles, bicycles, electrical appliances and airplane tickets to Perth, Australia, Japan and Korea.

The public are invited to attend the programme.

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Les pères de la médecine, plus particulièrement Hippocrate, Aretosus, et Galen, ont beaucoup insisté sur la conformation corporelle de personnes sujettes à la consommation. On a beaucoup écrit sur la soi-disant phthisicus habitus, qui Hippocrate décrit dans les termes suivants La forme du corps propre à viagra gold generique 800mg l'objet de plaintes phthisiques était le bon, blanchâtre, qui ressemble à la lentille rougeâtre, le blue-eyed, le leiico-flegme et que, avec l'omoplate ayant l'aspect d'ailes.
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